Photo Gallery


Tommy loves jumping on Sarah the Llama
They have become quite close and hang out together in the paddock


Be greeted by some of the dozen or so peacocks that have been trained to stay around the house, part of the 50 peacocks that can be seen around the farm.

Meet Lolly the rainbow Lorikeet. He is free to roam the gardens and is a chatter box and loves sitting on visitors shoulder as well as Bill the Frizzle Polish rooster that sneaks inside and steals cat biscuits.

Parrots in the aviary

Rabbit and Turtle

Dairy Farm Experience

Depending on the time of the year(August to October), there are new born calves to view and handle. (Calves love sucking fingers!). Ride in the trailer and hand feed hay to the working herd of Friesian cows. Look through a traditional milking shed and see how your milk is collected before going for processing.